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About Us

“To receive guests is to take charge of their happiness during the entire time they are under your roof.”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Food.Stories.Travel. grew out of our desire to combine thirteen years of experience in travel with our passion for connecting people, cultures, food, and stories through educational journeys in the Mediterranean and cooking classes in the USA. 


We support local producers that share our values in the following ways:

  • ordering meals in restaurants which source locally, seasonally and organically, supporting “good, clean and fair food” (quoting here the three main principles of Slow Food)
  • selecting, organizing and paying for tastings on site and visits to sustainable farms
    promoting local and traditional food entrepreneurs through social media and our website
  • volunteering and directly donating to food literacy organizations such as Slow Food or similar that support food justice or environmental stewardship.

Our tours include sightseeing, walking and/or cycling for a healthy lifestyle, on a full immersion in the Italian culture.


Our Tour Leaders are all very experienced and passionate about food tourism.


Traveling in small groups is key to enjoy an educational journey, while meeting those who care about the food they make, the people, the animals and the planet.


When not traveling to the Mediterranean (mostly in Italy) we love to promote Italian culture and cuisine in the USA with cooking classes and dinners using local ingredients and meeting the local farmers.


We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our adventures discovering the lives of local inspiring people and supporting them with your travel.


Our Story

Carlo Petrini

Our inspiration? One of the heroes of the third millennium, Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food. I met him in August 2013 and felt instantly connected, given our common roots in Piedmont, the northwest region of Italy, where we were both born.


I was touring the eighteen mainland regions of Italy by bicycle with a dear friend, Alessandro Draghi, proprietor of the Agriturismo il Molinello, meeting the people behind traditional Italian foods who are also working to protect the land and improve the food system. Alessandro and I were in Pollenzo, near my home town of Turin (Torino, for Italians) to visit the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Slow Food.


After ten years of following his work, I was, by chance, able to meet Petrini. I simply told him in Piedmontese dialect: Monsu Petrini ca ma scusa per piasì, mi sun an Piemunteis ca sta a Boston! (Apologies to disturb you Mr. Petrini, I’m a Piedmontese who lives in Boston). With this, I definitely caught his attention, and he was very kind to share a few minutes of his precious time with me, and also to strike a pose for this picture together!


I still get goosebumps remembering this as I am typing now and thinking about Slow Food and Petrini who founded this grassroot non-profit organization in 1986. The Slow Food philosophy is “good, clean and fair food”, what we love to support on our tours and for us is our way of life.


Meeting food producers and learning their stories of lives has been our passion for more than thirteen years. If you add also our experience in food and group tours vacations, “just stir” and you will get Food.Stories.Travel., a tour operator connecting people, cultures, food, stories and travel in the Mediterranean.


In September 2014 we became a certified B Corporation, which is recognized as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are also proud to donate more than 1% of our annual sales revenues to food literacy and environmental non profit organizations such as 1% for the Planet


We hope to see you on one of our educational tours and cross our paths of life not only while visiting one of our preferred destinations but also at the table sharing a meal with local ingredients, a good glass of Italian wine and plenty of food stories on one of our cooking classes in the USA.


Buon appetito and viaggio!


Cristiano Bonino, Founder and Tour Leader 

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