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  • Lake Pietranzoni on Campo Imperatore
    08/24/2023 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Seven Reasons to Visit Abruzzo

    For ages, the Abruzzo of the Apennines (Italy’s backbone mountains) has been a well-kept secret. Although this is changing, it is changing slowly. Inland Abruzzo still feels like a world apart, a place from a bygone era. Here are seven reasons to visit (not in order of importance):



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  • LorenzoDasso 3rd generation chef of restaurant Raieu and fisherman (photo credit Laura Bianchi)
    03/02/2023 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    The architect-fisherman who is also a chef

    The foods we love to feature on tour and celebrate at home always come back to the people. Our favorite restaurants are owned and operated by real people, who belong to a specific place, and whose hands, faces, and stories give as much to the dishes they make as the ingredients they use.


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  • 01/10/2023 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Call of the Kitchen

    This time of year can be delightful—burrowing down cozily with a mug of something piping hot, or basking in the beauty of low winter light. Or: It can be dreary—as you outfit yourself against the creeping cold and weight of darkness. 

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  • (L-R) Gian Luca, Cristiano, Davide
    10/13/2022 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Guest reflections on Piedmont

    One of our wonderful guests, "Jan in Italy," reflects on her fall cycling tour of Piedmont. 


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  • our origin story
    06/28/2022 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Our origin story

    People sometimes ask: How did Food.Stories.Travel. come to be? 


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  • Visit at Olive Oil Estate in Molise
    11/22/2021 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    The memories that last...

    Guests may dream of beautiful hotels, fine flavors, and breathtaking landscapes. But after the tour, many tell us that their enduring memories are of the people.


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  • Ubaldo Grazia of Deruta
    05/26/2021 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Why family enterprise endures in Italy

    In Abruzzo last week, Cristiano and Alessandro met third and fourth generation wrought iron artisans in Pescocostanzo. “One of our main reasons to travel,” Cristiano said, “is to meet people like Enrico and Nicodemo. Bottega Donatelli is a precious piece of heritage worth knowing, preserving, and celebrating on tour.”


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  • Franciacorta Saten (photo taken at a Franciacorta producer)
    04/24/2021 - Foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Franciacorta Wines and All that Bubbles in Italy

    Links to the blog of Patricia Thomson, an American journalist who writes about wine. 


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  • Piadina Romagnola
    03/19/2021 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Seven Reasons to Visit Romagna

    Emilia-Romagna is a big and rich region. Because of this, we’ve chosen to take it in “two bites” – offering separate itineraries for Emilia and Romagna. Here we present our top seven reasons to visit Romagna.


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  • above sestri levante
    02/04/2021 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Safe Harboring Your Wanderlust

    Villa- or agriturismo-based travel is when a group of friends or family rent a villa in an area where they are happy to linger. Think Enchanted April (which shows off Portofino wonderfully).


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  • Albergo Diffuso
    01/26/2019 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Albergo Diffuso: Protecting Place

    We see five components to the ideal travel destination: natural beauty; created beauty (e.g. art, architecture); food/wine; climate; and people. Italy soars in all five. And then goes a step further…


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  • Food. Stories. Travel.
    03/29/2018 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Four Slow Food Presidia That Inspired Us

    Story by Rachel Greenberger featured on Slow Food USA’s blog in March 2018. For four years now, my husband Cristiano Bonino and I have undertaken an annual winter scouting trip to explore the places and meet the people who will be featured on tours that year.


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  • Recipes
    03/26/2018 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Recipes Are Edible Stories

    Perhaps the peak reason we’re so in love with Italy is the food.  It’s the first word in our name, after all.  But our culinary captivation goes far beyond taste. First comes Food; then Stories. Blending them, we say that recipes are edible stories and the very best way to experience people and place as you Travel. 


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  • The Original Italian Cookbook
    01/31/2018 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    The Original Italian Cookbook

    Food.Stories.Travel. is about making you feeling like an insider when you’re in Italy—on the road, at the table, and in all the places in between. When it comes to Italian culinary traditions, the insiders all know Artusi. This January, we traveled to Forlimpopoli, the little town in picturesque Emilia-Romagna, where Pellegrino Artusi was born.


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  • map of the boot
    12/26/2017 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Food in the Boot #4

    Scouting tour of ten regions of Italy (where it doesn’t feel like Boston winter) by Cristiano Bonino and Rachel Greenberger.


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  • Umbria
    02/27/2017 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Our Top Ten Reasons to Visit Umbria

    Called the Green Heart of Italy, Umbria is the only Italian region with borders that touch neither the sea nor another nation. A world apart, it is known for its fertile landscapes, soulful lifestyle, and village traditions.


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  • Visit Liguria
    02/08/2017 - foodstoriestravel 0 Comments
    Our Top Ten Reasons to Visit Liguria

    Hiking in the hills above Finale Ligure, three friends and colleagues— native Ligurian Andrea, Food.Stories.Travel. founder Cristiano, and American traveler Rachel– set out to pinpoint what makes the Italian Riviera so special.


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  • Group dinner in Westport, MA
    09/07/2016 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    The Alchemy of Cooking Together

    Article by  Rachel Greenberger featured in September 2016 on Elephant Journal.


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  • Remembering Through Food
    07/27/2016 - Cristiano Bonino 0 Comments
    Remembering Through Food

    Much of the year, I am in the country where I was born, exploring Italy’s less-traveled roads and recipes with my guests who mostly come from my adopted country, the United States.


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  • Article
    05/14/2016 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    How to Travel Internationally—with or without a Passport

    Article by Rachel Greenberger featured in May 2016 on Elephant Journal.


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  • Delicious dinner
    04/29/2016 - Cristiano Bonino 0 Comments
    Travel in your Kitchen

    Why do we love to travel? So many great thinkers and writers have addressed this question. And there have been so many answers. Mine is that we want to learn and meet people and taste new things…


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  • Savoring Stories
    04/05/2016 - Cristiano Bonino 0 Comments
    Savoring Stories and the Power of Food

    During my last dinner out with friends at Giulia in Cambridge, while talking about wines, I mentioned a producer that I had recently visited who makes his noble nectar from 100+-year-old vines of local, indigenous varieties called "Tintore" and "Piedirosso."


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  • Tuscany
    02/02/2016 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    A Slice of the True Tuscany

    Few places left on earth still feel like nothing has changed in three hundred years. Bhutan is one. Tuscany’s Crete Senesi is another. 


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  • Liguria
    01/25/2016 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Liguria, a Hiker’s and Dreamer’s Paradise

    Think of Liguria and you think of the sea (and maybe focaccia, fresh lemons, and seafood as well). This slice of the Italian coast, tucked between mountains that shield it from the winds off the Alps and temperate Mediterranean waters, enjoys a microclimate all year round, at the moment punctuated by winter oranges, tangerines, and the Slow Food presidium of Chinotto.



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  • Food In The Boot 2
    01/05/2016 - Rachel Greenberger 0 Comments
    Food In The Boot 2

    Scouting tour of five regions of Italy (where it doesn’t feel like winter)

    By Rachel Greenberger and Cristiano Bonino

    For 2016, we are kicking things off right: leaving cold Boston to visit five regions of Italy (some of the warmest of the "boot") for Food in the Boot 2 from January 11 to February 22.


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  • Tours of Italy article
    12/16/2015 - Cristiano Bonino 0 Comments
    Cristiano Bonino: the Crafty of Tasty Tours

    Article by Stefano Salimbeni featured in the December 2015 issue of Bostoniano magazine.


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  • small business supporter
    11/27/2015 - Cristiano Bonino 0 Comments
    Stories from a Slow Food’s Small Business Supporter

    Story by Cristiano Bonino featured on Slow Food USA’s blog in November 2015.


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