Ask an Italian, “Are Emilia and Romagna two separate places?” and you’re likely to hear an abstruse, possibly even self-contradictory, response. Technically, Emilia-Romagna is one region. But it’s also two worlds. Rich in so much glittering history, natural beauty, and heavenly cuisine, we have opted to take it one world at a time.


Our two itineraries of Emilia-Romagna each offer you the chance to soak in its natural wonders (literally too, in thermal baths), savor the relics of rich cultures and history protected in three UNESCO sites, and swoon over the flavors and textures of a place that the Italians themselves shower with gastronomic praise. Come with us to Exquisite Emilia and/or to Romagna: A Mosaic of Nature.


About Emilia-Romagna Region

In sixth century BC, before the Romans arrived, the Etruscans inhabited the area of Bologna, then called Felsina, an important urban center for the people of the Po Valley. The Celts followed, and after them the Romans, who linked the region to Liguria, forming the Octava Regio (8th Region) of their Empire.

Exquisite Emilia

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Romagna: A Mosaic of Nature 

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