Beyond Italy

Featured destinations in the Mediterranean


We are a mixed team of Italians and North Americans who happen to love Italy and have traveled all over the “boot” and southern Europe for more than 20 years. After exploring Croatia, France, Portugal, and Spain, we have noticed a lot of similarities with Italy regarding local culture and traditions that we like to define as “Mediterranean.”


For this reason, we have decided to formally include these destinations into our trip collection, having previously only offered them as private tours.


Currently for southern Europe, we offer the following tours:


Slovenia and Croatia




On the main menu under “Travel” and “Beyond Italy”, choose the destination you want to visit and the type of tour (cycling or not) that you are interested in. 


Please contact us for more info. We hope to travel with you soon! 


Custom Tours


Celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday or a family reunion? Would you like to combine activities like cycling or hiking with your journey?

Or looking to travel to a destination in Italy or south of Europe not featured in our scheduled itineraries?


Please contact us for more info. We’ll be delighted to make it happen!