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Safe Tour Protocol (as of May 4, 2022)

We are committed to your health, safety, and enjoyment before, during, and after your tour. We are: reading COVID news daily; conferring with our colleagues; keeping current on CDC guidelines; and following industry best practices and regulations.


This Safe Tour Protocol is extremely important to ensuring your safe and smooth enjoyment of your vacation. Please review carefully. Should you have questions or concerns not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



  • A Passenger Locator Form is no longer required for Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and Croatia (France, currently, is still requiring it)
  • Proof of a negative COVID test is no longer required to enter Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia if you show proof of vaccination (*)  
  • Proof of a negative COVID test to re-enter the U.S. is still required 

(*) We’ll contact you 14 days prior to the start of tour with a secure link where we ask that you promptly upload an electronic copy of your vaccination card. Having an electronic copy for each guest facilitates a smooth and prompt access to restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. where proof of vaccination is required.  



  • Laminated photocopy of your vaccination card
  • Electronic copies of your vaccination card and passport, always on your phone   
  • Pack your preferred masks and hand sanitizer. We’ll have a small supply of both, if you forget    
  • We strongly recommend purchasing and bringing self-tests [see more below]



As the CDC may make changes to its requirements, we recommend waiting until ~3 weeks prior to your departure to purchase these self-tests. As of early 2022, a box of 6 self-administered tests costs ~$175, delivered in 2 business days, incl. shipping and taxes. Within your box, you will find instructions for downloading the Navica app to your phone. Do this before leaving the U.S., unless you will have your PC/Mac with you on tour to use for connecting to Navica and the live proctor who will observe and validate your self-test. See this link to order them online.




Please come in good health. Take extra good care of yourself in the weeks leading up to tour. During your travel to the starting point of the tour, please wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. (You will find that, in many places, wearing a mask is still mandatory on public transportation and indoors.) Keep monitoring yourself, and inform your Tour Leader for any symptoms before and during the tour.




Mostly small-group tours, on itineraries set in the countryside, lend themselves to lower risk situations. That said, we are taking every precaution that our industry colleagues do, who lead bigger groups and visit more urban settings. These include:

  • sanitizing equipment used by the group, including bike pumps and bike tools
  • liaising with hotels to ensure thorough cleaning practices--we handpick all of our hotels and maintain strong relationships at each
  • encouraging smaller group tables at dinners (whenever possible and pleasant, we arrange dining outdoors)
  • preparing picnic lunches following enhanced food safety protocols
  • wearing a mask when transferring in the van or when required indoors


  • Will my Tour Leader be vaccinated? All Tour Leaders are fully vaccinated and boosted when eligible
  • What if someone gets symptoms on our trip? Anyone experiencing symptoms will be asked to let their Tour Leaders know immediately and to isolate. Tour Leaders will invite this guest to use their self test first or organize testing in a local facility
  • What if someone tests positive on our trip? If a member of the group tests positive, Tour Leaders will assist that individual and travel partner(s) (roommates) to make alternative arrangements. Tour Leaders will communicate with the rest of the group to ensure the safety of all while endeavoring to continue the tour safely

We are following COVID regulation/travel requirements closely and will let you know of U.S. and destination-country policy changes.  For the latest updates on a country-by-country basis, we suggest visiting the IATA Travel Centre site.


Last update: May 4, 2022

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