Call of the Kitchen

This time of year can be delightful—burrowing down cozily with a mug of something piping hot, or basking in the beauty of low winter light. Or: It can be dreary—as you outfit yourself against the creeping cold and weight of darkness. 

These days, we find ourselves called to the kitchen. While we peel, chop, sauté, and bake—we remember Michael Pollan’s advice from Cooked on how to transform a mundane task into a form of meditation. To paraphrase, he says: When you chop an onion, just chop the onion.  
In other words, when you enter the kitchen, leave your cares at the door. Treat the process of making food for yourself and your loved ones as a chance to perform a simple, present, grounding, possibly even a sacred, act. 
We believe that recipes are a powerful way to connect with people across time and space—either to remember and honor dear ones now departed or to recognize and celebrate the ones who are still here—who have dedicated so much time and energy to nourishing us! 
We’re not the only ones either: our guides and FST staff members, home for the “fallow season,” are swapping winter recipes (see below). We hope they inspire you to spend some time in the kitchen this winter. After all, it is the toastiest room in the house! 
Bagna cauda (Gian Luca)

Calcioni abruzzesi (Suzie)

Vellutata di zucca di trombetta (Andrea)

Zuppa di cavolo (Davide)  

Linguine with pesto, potatoes, and green beans (Alessandro)

Spaghetti alle briciole (Rachel)

Anchovies with green sauce (Cristiano)



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